The ant (trad. di Douglas Mark Ponton)

If we have to die,

We’ll think about that too…


…we won’t measure

The wind of the Spring’s new bloom

For its sweetness,

Nor stand and watch shooting stars

With all their wishes…


…we won’t wait

For plants to grow from seeds

Nor say: “things were better once”,

But rapidly constrain

Our thoughts

Under the black cloud’s rain..


If we have to die, well..

We’ll think about it…!

We’ll let time

Take a few snaps of us

By flashbulb at nightfall.


Ready for the date,

On the precipice stand straight,

Proud before the void,

Our control still in check..

If we have to die, yes..

..we’ll think about that too..


meanwhile let me save

this ant

on my neck.

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